Chicago Fan Grabs LeBron’s headband & pisses off James

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Kirk Hinrich Carlos Boozer LeBron James

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LeBron can deal with the Bulls taking the victory.  He can deal with the Bulls taking away the streak.  LeBron can not deal with somebody trying to take his headband.  Messing with the hairline is when you cross the line.

At the end of the Heat’s win streak, while walking to his lockers thinking about how pissed he is at Kirk Hinrich & ex teammate Carlos Boozer, a Chicago fan tried to touch LeBron’s crown which shocked and pissed off the King.  That fan interaction probably just added another 5 points to the Heat victory the next time the two team play.

LeBron’s hairline/headband has generated a few funny jokes over the years.  Here’s a couple visual ones.







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