Chicago Pastor talks about JR Smith & his sinful shoelace addiction during Sunday Sermon

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“I see both sides of it.  I’ve been doing it four, five years. I’ve only seen it from the joking side. It is what it is. I guess some people don’t have a sense of humor. “(Mike Woodson’s) been telling me since I got here,” Smith said. “Honestly, growing up I really don’t understand the true meaning of it. I’ve been misunderstood my whole life. It’s not going to change now.”

Those are the words from the always entertaining JR Smith about his latest actions, untying shoe laces,  that lead to a $50k fine by the NBA.  It's been talked about on every sports news show and blog, then general news websites and by non-sports fans and this past Sunday at the Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, the topic was even a part of the Sunday sermon.

Here's Reddit user CZbwoi on the sermon.

I went to one of the Harvest Bible Chapel churches in the Chicago area this morning and at the start of the sermon the pastor asked the church if they knew who J.R. Smith was.

Cue some chatter and whatnot, he said his son told him about an incident that recently happened during a professional basketball game. Showed him the video, he was laughing and couldn't believe it. He told the church then about the shoe-untying incident, everyone gasped and chuckled, it was hilarious.

He then said that he brought the video footage and everybody laughed. It played on the big projector screen and it was the one with Shawn Marion's shoe, it was hilarious. He then showed it again in slow-motion, everyone lol'd.

The sermon then continued about how this is a professional basketball player who was acting like a child, on live tv, and needed to grow up. And then continued about how we all needed to grow up, we all act childish sometimes, etc.

J.R. Smith was the prelude to the message about growing up. In church. This happened. I laughed.

That is all.


Source: That NBA Lottery Pick


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