Asian Man Cries After Seeing Kobe Bryant

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According to Global Social Media Monitoring Company Synthesio, the most popular celebrity in China in 2013 is LeBron James.  Yes, LeBron ranks ahead of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber and Kobe Bryant who is near the bottom of the top 10 at #8.

Well the King might have Little Fly Warrior (Kobe’s nickname in China) beat in popularity but from the looks of the Word War Z like photo above showing a bunch of Asians trying to touch Kobe from 40 feet away eventhough they are only 4 feet tall, he’s not lacking in the quantity department and when it comes to the quality of die-hard fans, I’m sure Kobe has every American player beat.  Just look at the joy on this man’s face after seeing Kobe Bryant in a suit.


If that’s not enough proof then I present you with this man and his tears.  I haven’t seen a male fan cry for another man since MJ in the 80s and I’m not talking about the MJ who couldn’t win a playoff series.

That’s a grown man crying for Kobe.  A man who probably cried in 2008 when the China exclusive reality show “Kobe Mentu aka Kobe’s Disciples” was cancelled. A man who probably worships this statue of Kobe in Guangzhou.


A man who probably talks about the day Kobe scored 68 points (29-33 fg) in 15 minutes at the Sprite China 2nd Annual Charity Game the way American Kobe fans talk about his 81 against the Toronto Raptors.

Give that guy a tissue and a Kobe bobblehead and tell him that Kobe is ahead of schedule and will be playing pain free and Dwight free next season.  That should hopefully put a smile on his face.


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