China’s Best vs Canada’s Best Dunker at NBA Big Tour Contest

You gotta love Sherman Su.  He’s known as one of the best up and coming international dunkers in the world and back in August I even asked the question if the 6’1″ 18 year old was “The Best Asian Dunker In the World?”  That’s debatable but what’s not debatable is that Justin “JusFly” Darlington is the best dunker out of Canada.  Jus Fly has been competing and mostly winning in any and every dunk contest he can find across the globe but he didn’t have to go far to find the NBA Sprite Big Tour Contest in Toronto where he and Su had the opportunity to face off.

Now this is why you gotta love Su. He was destroyed in the contest and rather than coming up with some excuses or having a silly YouTube argument, Su replied “Way to state the obvious” when a poster wrote “He killed you boy.”   Su also joked about the MC calling him Simon and said the event was “a great experience and learning process competing against the best.”

It’s that type of humbleness (along with being young with fresh legs and big hops) that makes me believe I’ll be crowning Su the best Asian dunker (FYI, he lives in Ontario) in the world one day if not today.

Thanks to Su & Dunkademics for the videos and I wish we had dunk contests in malls rather than just food festivals and dark empty gyms.  Every time I go to the Galleria in Houston, I think about how amazing a dunk contest would be where the ice skating rink is and then of course we have the Mall of the America in Minny.


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