Chinese dunker tries to dunk over 5 people, gets mocked by one of the best dunkers in the world

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Charles Barkley Michael Beasley

Wild things happen during CBA All-Star weekend – like Michael Beasley scoring 59 points and winning MVP wild. But the performance by this Chinese dunker in the CBA Dunk Contest ranks up there and was good/bad enough to belong in the 2013 NBA Dunk Contest.

Here’s the caption by a person who captured and posted the fail of a dunk on Instagram.

So me and my bro out here in china. At the all star game #CBA and the dunk contest was one of the funniest after trying to windmill 3 time and then put 5 people there I had to put my phone to record it I knew it was gonna go wrong TAG SOMEONE WHO WOULD DUNK LIKE THAT

Now this is the part where the dunker tells the heckler “can you do any better?”

Well in this case the answer is yes. HELL YES! The person who posted the video is none other than Guy Dupuy who is internationally known as one of the greatest dunkers of all-time.  His performance at the Sprite Showdown event in New York ranks in my top 3 favorite contests I’ve ever seen in person.

As you can see, Guy has no issue jumping over a few people…or cars.

Considering how hard Barkley is on the NBA dunk contest and dunk fails, I would love to hear his commentary on this fail.