Meet 7'3 8th Grader Chol Marial - Tallest Middle School Baller In the World

Last month we showed you a clip of 8th grader Cassius Stanley doing his best Zach LaVine impersonation by doing dunks that could win a NBA dunk contest. In today's "look what freaking crazy things middle school kids are doing" news, we have a video of  7'3 8th grader Chol Marial.  Yes I said 7 foot 3 inches!  As insane as it sounds that there's a 7 foot middle school hooper, his AAU team actually has two of them!

Via CityLeague Hoops TV

Chol Marial is a 7'3 8th Grader who dominated the competition this weekend in Columbus, Ohio at the NYBL. Chol Marial has ridiculously advanced athleticism for a player his size. The Class of 2019 prospect ran with Team Florida and played alongside fellow 7 Footer Balsa Koprivica. Chol Marial ran the floor with astonishing quickness, controlled the paint by blocking and altering the majority of shots taken while he was on the floor, and finished above the rim consistently. The future is bright for the tallest 8th grade basketball player we've ever seen.