Chris Bosh scores 37 and the game winning 3 pointer against the Blazers

When you think of Chris Bosh “bombing” at the end of Heat games you are probably thinking about Chris Bosh video bombing LeBron during another post game interview with the Heat star after another Heat victory.  Last night against the Blazers, without the #1 pick in the 2003 draft, the #4 pick of that draft had to remind people why he was selected before Wade and thought of as the future of the Toronto Raptors.  Chris Bosh scored 37 points grabbed 10 rebounds and hit the game winning 3 pointer to beat the Blazers 108-107.

Despite having an injured groin, LeBron was the first off the bench to celebrate with Bosh after the game winner that Bosh comfortably took and wanted to take.

“I just told him, ‘I’m going for the jugular,'” – Bosh said to Coach Spoelstra after a play was made for Bosh to attempt a shot to force OT.

“My call at the end of the game was much more conservative,” Spoelstra said. “I drew something up to get him on the move, and he said, ‘No, I want it for the three.’ So he overruled it, and became a prophet.

“Why did I even diagram something else for him? He already hit two threes. He was feeling it. He wanted it, and as soon as he said it, I said, ‘Yeah, that makes sense.’ And it was much better than what I had planned.”

The 37 points was 12 more than Bosh’s season high and although the high output total might remind people of the player Bosh once was, Bosh will tell you he’s better now.

“I’m a much better player than I was in Toronto,” Bosh said. “I was able to score a lot of points (in Toronto), but I wasn’t a two-way player. I’m a two-way player now. I feel that I’m a lot better offensively. I’m a totally different player, and CB4 is gone a long time ago and you can’t get him back.

After the big 3 point bomb, it was Bosh’s turn to get video bombed by Wade and LeBron who gave Bosh the James Brown treatment.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers





Let’s flashback to his days as a dino.

Source: USA Today


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