Chris Brown Says He's better then J.Cole On The Court + He Will Beat "The Game" One on One

Check out Chris Brown on the morning show with Big Boi and Power 106. This year Chris has been in a tough situation between his ex Rihanna and his present girlfriend Karrueche. After their domestic altercation Chris and Ri Ri are starting to making things right between their friendship. On the other hand Chris is in a committed relationship with Karrueche who isn't to found of the two pop stars friendship. Chris then goes on to talk about his game on the court and says he's better then recording artist J.cole. He also mentions his participation in the Los Angeles Drew League and playing along side Compton "The Game" Rapper. According to him he can beat The Game in a one on one however if Game gets him in the post its over. What do you guys think about Chris moves on the court ?

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