Chris Brown Shows Off His Handles at 2016 Power106 Celeb Game

Chris Brown deserves some acknowledgement as being the best and most popular ankle-breaker not on a professional basketball team or in a streetball league. Over the past few years, I’ve probably posted more clips of Brown breaking ankles at celeb games – from Ludacris’ Ludaday games to the Sprite/Bet Expereince games to the Roc Nation Classic to the annual Power 106 games – than I have of just about anybody not named Bone Collector, Jamal Crawford, Chris Paul, The Professor, Kyrie Irving and about 5 other people.

He didn’t break any ankles the way he did in past years at this past weekend’s Power 106 game, but he still showed a few defenders he has the best handles in the music business. He also scored 17 points with a few 3-pointers.

If you want to see a nasty ankle-breaker from the game, click here to watch The Bone Collector drop rapper Mac Miller.