Chris Brown taken shots at Drake? Tyga,Meek Mill and Big Sean Thoughts and Comments

Its been almost Two weeks since the dispute between Platinum recording artists Chris Brown and YMCMB's very own Drake. By now you would think the tension between the two would be on the verge of dyeing down, but it seems as if this battle has just begun.Since June 14 (The day of bottle incident in the club)There has been continuous sumbliminals through interviews and twitter regarding the actual event and why the confrontation occurred. Now the 23 year old Rnb artist Chris brown has taken it to the next level by releasing a dis Track taking shots at Drake. I know what your thinking "A Rnb Artist beefing with a rapper"? Despite how bizarre it may sound its the truth.Even though Drake is considered a Rapper Some May say this is a battle between two RnB Artist given the fact that Drizzy is Two dimensional Artist.What makes it even more interesting is Chris Brown is rapping on the track.

In the past couple months Chris brown has been collaborating with many different artist showing his versatility as a artist and even rapping on tracks.This time he teamed up with probably the most controversial and gangster Rapper in the industry, Compton Native "The Game". On this Freestyle entitled "I dont Like"Chris brown calls Drake out in his lyrics "He be singing I be singing so its on site but whole up i aint giving him no green light its head up my bread up One on One what you scared bruh". There are also speculations about a celebrity boxing promoter who's wiling to pay both artist a million dollars a piece to have a boxing match. Im not sure if this will ever take place but i bet drake was pretty pissed off about Chris brown talking about his eye brows. We have yet to hear a response from Drake but check out what Tyga, and Pusha-T had to say to MTV. Meek Mill and Big Sean also gave their thoughts on this RN-Beef, you can check it out in the video below.


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