Chris Brown with the crossover and 3

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Andre Drummond

If you follow Chris Brown on social networks then you probably know he’s into basketball and eating…never mind.

The singer has been a regular at the Drew League in the past, participated in the BET Celeb game in June and lost in the finals of this past weekend’s Hard Knocks Hoops Tournament.  Brown probably appears in more hoop events and online hoop videos than most pro basketball players in the Summer.  Some are good (like the vid above), some are bad (Brown missing 3 dunks in a row and some are a little of both (Breezy getting dunked on by Andre Drummond).

But don’t let the vid above of Brown missing the dunks fool you, he does have some hops and was even awarded “Celeb dunker of the year” in 2012 by the NDAA (yes the National Dunking Association of America exists)

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