Chris Paul 7 Assists, 0 Turnovers & 1 Hilarious “Hell Naw” in Rockets Debut

0 turnovers. That’s the stat I wanted to see from new Houston Rocket co-point guard Chris Paul in his preseason debut.

Playing against almost teammate Carmelo Anthony and the new-look Thunder, Paul racked up 11 points and 7 assists in 24 minutes, while James Harden put up 16 and 10. The big difference between the two is Paul never turned the ball over and Harden had a game-high 7. Last season, Paul had five games with a 0 in the turnover column and one of those games was a 20 and 20 performance; Harden averaged a league-leading 11.2 assists but broke the NBA record for most turnovers in a season.

On Tuesday, Paul also gave fans the most amusing moment of the game, when he (if it wasn’t him, I’m going to continue to believe it was) yelled, “Hell naw” at the sight of Andre Roberson attempting a wide-open three. Roberson, a career 26% shooter from three, not only missed the shot, he airballed it.

The disrespect to Roberson probably makes it in my top 5 most funny CP3 moments. This video of him flipping out on DeAndre Jordan is number one on that list.