Chris Paul & Blake Griffin putting on a show on and off the court | BGCP3TV in HD

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Last night's performances by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in their win over the Phoenix Suns on ESPN provided some great entertainment.  The dynamic LA duo scored 69 of the Clippers 108 points  on a variety of fancy layups, dunks (just Blake), jumpers (yes by Blake too) and 3-pointers (just CP3).

But if you can't get enough of these two guys from their nightly highlights and countless commercials, Blake & Chris also have a two-part sketch comedy show debuting on Adult Swim this weekend called BGCP3TV in HD.  The show is a product of comedian Neal Brennan who was the co-creator of The Dave Chappelle Show.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Blake and Chris talked about their favorite Chappelle sketches and I can't say i'm surprised by Blake's choice considering he's constantly asked if he's black or white.

Griffin: The Racial Draft. Definitely.

Paul: I really love the Black White Supremacist one. The Clayton Bigsby one. That was genius. Wait, no. The Charlie Murphy and Prince skit. Yeah, that one.

Griffin: Actually, I change my mind. I like the Prince one too.

The first five-minute episode of BGCP3TV in HD will air on October 24th at 12:12 a.m. ET on Adult Swim, with the second episode to air at the same time the following week.  In the meantime, check out more highlights of Chris Paul destroying the Suns on the court.



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