Chris Paul Hits Zach LaVine With The Shammgod Crossover & KG With A Dagger

Late in the first quarter (1:45 in the video above) of the Clippers/TWolves game, Chris Paul grounded high-flying rookie Zach LaVine with a Shammgod crossover before making one of his 14 assists (thanks Austin for not ruining the highlight).

Zach recovered and looked OK in the 2nd quarter when he took flight and threw down 2 of his 15 points with this nice dunk.

But this was CP3's show and Paul stole the spotlight from LaVine, Wiggins and Ricky Rubio - who had a triple double - with 26 points and a dagger over KG in the final minute.

"It's over now. We won," a relieved Paul said. "I just want to go home."

And probably not videobombed by Big Baby who was big (no pun intended) off the bench with 12 points.