Chris Paul & Jamal Crawford Got Into An Argument During & After The Wolves Elimination Game

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Jamal Crawford has given opponents plenty to be pissed about. I’ve watched him break more ankles and knock down more game-winners over the past two decades than just about any player and I can’t recall him ever getting into a fight. On Wednesday, it almost happened after Crawford lost his cool with an opponent. And that opponent happened to be former teammate (Everybody Hates) Chris Paul.

After knocking CP3 to the ground during the Wolves 15-point third quarter in Game 5, Crawford stood over him and exchanged some words with the smiling Rockets point guard. Crawford then had some words for Harden and I’m assuming it wasn’t about a rematch of the Seattle Pro-Am vs Drew League game (although I’m looking forward to that). The refs shut down the conversation by hitting Crawford with a tech.

According to ESPN’s Stefano Fusaro, after the Wolves were eliminated, the two met in the tunnel (what’s up with CP3 and tunnel stories?) for a “heated discussion.”

Now the heated discussion in the tunnels of the Toyota Center. Not even trying to be quiet about it. Paul arguing that whatever Crawford said to him after the tech was uncalled for. Crawford pointing to another moment earlier in the series where Paul knocked him down didn’t check on him. The argument is still going. It wasn’t a subdued conversation, but they were hashing things out as friends and former teammates. Paul was upset about what Crawford said to him while he stood over him on the floor.

As expected the former backcourt running mates hugged it out.

Ended with a hug and a handshake. It all ended peacefully. Clear love between the guys, but both were clearly irked by some of the stuff that went on during the series.

I don’t know what was said but I’m guessing Crawford probably wished CP3 luck in the rest of the playoffs and let him know they aren’t going to get past the Warriors (I’m kidding). Chris Paul probably told Crawford, who finished with 20 points on 8-of-10 shooting, he should have signed with the Cavs instead of the Wolves (I’m kidding). And they both cracked up simultaneously and said, “At least we aren’t playing in Detroit! (not kidding)”



Chris Paul shows up to Jamal’s Midnight Madness game aka Jamal’s Bachelor Party in Seattle. Jamal also got married that weekend.

Paul & Jamal taking turns hitting buzzer-beaters against the team Paul should have been on instead of the Clippers.

Young Paul & young(er) Jamal duel in 2003