Chris Paul visits Lil Wayne in hospital / Flashback: lapdance from Nicki Minaj

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Chris Paul


The Twitter world blew up 2 days ago when exaggerations and rumors spread through the social networks that Lil Wayne was on his death bed when in fact the overrated (in my subjective opinion) rapper just went overboard on a few things and ended up at the hospital where he tweeted from yesterday saying “he’s good.”   People love taking stories like this to the extreme and it doesn’t take much now for death rumors to start on Twitter.  Just ask Brandon Knight who died from a dunk and was even listed as deceased on Wikipedia.

A few celebs and friends stopped by including Chris Paul and his wife Jada.   CP3 seems popular with Wayne’s crew and even got a lapdance from Nicki Minaj a few years ago.

Source: TMZ


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