Chris Paul out 3-5 weeks with shoulder injury that could require surgery

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Chris Paul

The Clippers lost the NBA league leader in assists (11.3) and MVP candidate on Friday night against the Mavs.  Midway through the 3rd quarter of the game, Chris Paul tripped over Monta Ellis and fell on his shoulder.  Although the fall didn’t look that painful, the tougher than nails CP3’s reaction to the fall showed that the fall was in fact, very painful.

The latest news about the fall is equally painful for the Clippers and their fans.  Word is, the 28 year old Paul will be out 3-5 weeks with a right shoulder injury that may require surgery. If he misses 5 weeks then he will miss approximately 18 games and possibly the NBA All-Star game.

The Clips are 9-9 without Paul but are only championship contenders with him in the lineup.  He’s scheduled to be re-evaluated this Sunday so hopefully better news is coming for a team that’s not starting off 2014 on a good note.



Source: USA Today

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