Chris Paul To The Spurs: Is It A Good Move & Why It Probably Won’t Happen

According to ESPN’s The Lowe Post podcast, there’s mutual interest between Chris Paul and the Spurs. That’s not very surprising since most people believe it’s time for a CP3/Clippers divorce, the championship contending Spurs could use a point guard and the idea of a Big 3 with CP3, Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge sounds great…actually…make that Big 3 with CP3, Kawhi Leonard and Coach Popovich.

NBA analyst and former NBA 3-Point champ joined Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on SC6 to say why “the match made in heaven” probably wont’ happen since the Clippers can offer the 32-year old CP3 a five-year, $210 million deal while other teams can “only” offer a four-year, $153 million one.

Here’s a few more opinions about the move from a few more talking head shows.