Chris Paul Watches As His Team Gets Bested By E1T1 In Close Game!

Players in this post:
Will Richardson Chris Paul Coby White

In a match-up of 2 of the better teams in the Nike EYBL, CP3 went up against Each 1 Teach 1. Chris Paul (LA Clippers) “assisted” in coaching his squad during memorial day weekend. The CP3 squad had 4 tries at the end of the game to at least tie or win the game and they ended up just not being able to get a shot off on the final try. Now it’s off to the EYBL Finals at Peach Jam as this was definitely a face palm type of moment….it happens. CP3 was led by Coby White and Alex Michael while E1T1 was led by Will Richardson and Nick Honor as Emmit Williams fouled out with 2 techs.

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