Chris Paul’s Sneaker Room/Museum

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This pic of Chris Paul’s sneaker collection taken by his wife  Jada may look like a sneakerhead’s dream but is it really that impressive?  Keep in mind that Paul is a Jordan Brand athlete so the majority of the shoes in his collection were sent to him for free and he didn’t have to search ebay, forums, trade shows and shady underground spots where you have to walk past underage illegal children before you get to the rare custom stuff that deserves it’s own page in SOLE magazine.  I’m just playing (please stop using the word hating).

Jada said this is only a portion of his shoes but what’s missing some Clippers flair in how the shoes are displayed.  Check Joe Johnson’s pic below as a good example of how a “shoe museum” should look.

Joe-Johnson-2 (1)

Speaking of some rare finds that belong in a display, how about these diamon encrusted Nikes with 11 carats of chocolate colored diamond.   Big Boi purchased them for $50k.


[youtube id=”tf4wHNhtlj0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


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