Chris Rock jokes about Donald Sterling, Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, Mike Dunleavey at BET Awards

Comedian and Knicks fan Chris Rock has hosted everything from the MTV Awards to the Academy Awards and this past weekend he hosted the furthest thing from the Academy Awards - the BET Awards...although '12 Years a Slave' did win best picture at both and Lupita Nyong'o also walked away with an award.

OK, moving on. Rock had a pretty great opening to the show which was highlighted by some jokes about Donald Sterling.

“An 83-year-old white man doesn’t like black people. Is that news? Come on! A black man couldn’t look him in the eye until he was 45. The first black man he ever met, he got for Christmas.”

Rock then said he doesn't want to defend Donald Sterling but,

"What exactly did Donald Sterling say? I dont want my woman around black basketball players. ME EITHER!

The camera cuts to a laughing Chris Paul.

"Are you kidding me? Who in the hell wants their woman around black basketball players and I'm specific about black ball players. I dont care if my woman with  J. J. Redick, Mike Dunleavy, David Lee, but if I see you with Serge Ibaka we gotta talk."

Later on in the show Ibaka's teammate Kevin Durant won the 'Sportsman of the Year' award.



Earlier on in the day, one of the best dunk contests in a very long time happened at the BET Experience party.  Here's one of the best dunks from the event and you can read more about it here.



On Saturday a lot of celebs and fancy Jordan sneakers were also on display as Justin Bieber, Snoop, Mayweather, Chris Brown, The Game and many other celebs played in a game.
You can check out some of the best pics and kicks here.






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