Chris Staples is still jumping over attractive women (VBL)


Every elite dunker has a trademark dunk and elite dunker Chris Staples might have my favorite.  It doesn’t involve any crazy combinations of windmills, 360s or between the legs dunks and honestly that part of the dunk is secondary to me. His trademark is jumping over attractive women.

It all started last year when he jumped over this beautiful looking lady in a bikini.


Then he jumped over this lady in a tight dress.


Chris (wearing a Ballislife “Lifestyle” shirt) even encountered Rosario (Did you see how hot I looked in Trance?) Dawson at an airport but unfortunately he didn’t get to dunk (or..nevermind) over her.

So last week he added to his portfolio by jumping over the very pretty and talented Tammy Brawner of the Harlem Globetrotters. That dunk photo by Nick Ansom of the Venice Beach League is at the top and below are the two looking very stylish and ready for a GQ magazine spread.


But don’t think Staples just uses his hops to get dimes off the court because his hops are pretty effective at getting all 10s in dunk contests too.



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