Chris Staples wins the 2014 ESPYs Dunk Contest

Players in this post:
Dominique Wilkins Cedric Ceballos

Last night’s ESPYs was one of the most entertaining in years and the pre-event entertainment like the ESPYs dunk contest that took place earlier in the day was pretty entertaining too.

Judged by former dunk champ Cedric Ceballos and dunk champ & legend Dominique Wilkins, dunk phenoms Kwame Alexander, Jonathan Clark, AirDogg, Chris Staples, Michael Purdie, Jeff Remington and last year’s winner Porter Maberry, put on a sick exhibition of dunks that were far superior to the dunks that Nique and Ced had to face in the late 80s and early 90s.

Congrats to Staples on the win.



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