Chris Staples “Christ Air” Dunk is Straight Outta Dunk Heaven

Last weekend at the #EastBayFunkDunk Contest, during the D.U.N.K round (dunking version of H.O.R.S.E), I was thinking about what dunks have I seen that pretty much would guarantees a letter on the other team. I couldn’t think of any. And then this morning I had the pleasure of spitting out my breakfast and yelling “Jesus Christ” when I saw Chris “always dunking over hot women” Staples pull off a dunk called the “Christ Air” dunk. ¬†Yes, if Staples was in the contest and pulled this dunk off, I would bet that’s a letter on the other dunkers.

I’m also betting the skateboard move inspired dunk by the highest flying Globetrotter will be viral by the time I’m eating dinner tonight.

In the meantime, enjoy my three favorite pic of Staples.