Christian Brown Swats A Zion Williamson Poster Dunk Attempt!

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Zion Williamson

Have you ever heard of Maxim Bady and/or seen his “OOOOOH MY GOD” videos? His reaction to watching a man pick up and throw snakes around in a cobra pit is how I reacted when I saw Game Elite 2019’s Christian Brown challenge and actually block a Zion Williamson dunk attempt at the Adidas Uprising event.

Yes, I know the block didn’t count because it was after a foul but Zion went for the dunk and if he would have dunked it, you would have been seeing clips of it everywhere with titles like “Zion Williamson RIP dunk on Christian Brown” and nobody would have been saying “it came after the foul.”

Brown also had me cracking up like a Maxim Bady video when he gave Zion a short serious stare down before breaking out a smile and some bragging once Zion walked away — kind of like Smokey and Debo.

More shocking than that block is the fact that it wasn’t even the most shocking block in the game. Earlier in the contest, Zion had one of the nastiest chase-down blocks you will ever see.

Equally nasty was the fall Zion took on his right leg. Equally impressive is how fast he got up, which supports my theory that the recently turned 17-year old is not human.

You can watch another angle of the block at the four minute mark of the full highlights between him and Christian Brown, which is followed by OSN reacting to the video.