Christian Laettner’s “The Shot” jersey sells for $119,500 (15k more than Jordan’s Flu shoes)

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Last month, Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game” sneakers sold for $104,765 at the Grey Flannel Auction.  A lot of people thought that was insane even if the piece of memorabilia was one of the most memorable moments of one of the most loved and popular players of all-time.  For those people, I wonder how they feel about a piece of memorabilia from one of the most hated players of all-time selling for more. just sold the jersey worn by Christian Laettner when he made the famous turnaround game winner to beat Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA tournament for…………….$119,500!  Yep, Laetner’s jersey sold  for $15k more than Jordan’s shoes.



Source: ESPN

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