CJ McCollum Looked Unstoppable During Pick-Up Game With Tim Hardaway Jr & Enes Kanter

Forget Hoodie Melo, we need more footage of sweat thong CJ McCollum during Chris Brickley’s pick-up games! The 2016 MIP and future All-Star shooting guard was checking off names with in-your-face jumpers on every defender who tried to check him.

As for the underrated Hardaway — who has deeper pockets after signing a 4-year, $71 million deal with the Knicks this summer — the highlights didn’t really do him justice but he’s been lighting it up all summer. Here’s some footage of him going off at the Miami Pro-League last month.

And I can’t talk about shooting guard duels and the son of the Crossover King without bringing up this memorable duel with Dion Waiters in the 2014 Rising Stars Challenge.