Clarence “Baby Barkley” Weatherspoon

Being called the next Charles Barkley isn’t how you want to start off your NBA career.  But it was so hard for people not to label him with the next since he had a similar build, was a rebounding beast at just 6’6 and was going to play small/power forward for the 76ers who just traded away Barkley.

For a couple of years Spoon did a pretty good job of living up to the hype and earning the nickname “Baby Barkley” especially during his 2nd season when he averaged 18 points and 10 boards.  During that season he also registered his only triple-double (15/15/13) and was one of 5 players that season to have over 100 in 5 major stats: Hakeem, The Admiral, Shawn Kemp and Cliff Robinson were the other 4.

Spoon’s numbers would drop year after year as the 76ers experimented with new coaches and new players and then after 6 seasons in Philly, he was traded to the Warriors.  He played with 4 more teams over the following 7 seasons and athough he would occasionally put up some decent numbers, it’s the Baby Barkley who finished second to Harold Miner in the 1993 NBA Dunk Contest that throwback fans will likely remember.