Classic Confrontations: James Worthy vs Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman James Worthy

This is just pure heaven for any old school hoop fan or just a fan of Big Game James or The Worm before he was known as The Worm.  It’s an old feature called Classic Confrontations and features the two hall of famers.

What many people don’t know about Rodman in his early Piston days is how productive he was on the offensive end.   Not only did he average a double double a couple seasons but it wasn’t shocking to see him score 20+ points in a game.   Here’s a couple monster statlines from the Bad Boy (before he looked like a Bad Boy) that may shock you.

30pts 18rebs
32pts 21rebs 3blks 2stls

17pts  23rebs (1-4 3pt)
20pts 25rebs 3blks 2stls
16pts 32rebs (1-1 3pt)
18pts 27rebs 5ast (2-3 3pt)
10pts 34rebs 3ast 2blks
19pts 18rebs (2-5 3pt)
10pts 22rebs (3-4 3pt)




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