Classic Pop! Gregg Popovich Uses NBATV Reporter To Prepare For A Season of Awkward Interviews

“Scared, No. Unfortable? Very” tweeted NBATV reporter Jared Greenberg when he was asked how scared he was during the few minutes of his interview with Coach Gregg Popovich during Media Day.

The interview starts off with Pop looking real annoyed when Jared tried to break the ice with a question about keeping the beard.

“Obviously,” replies Pop. “Is there some questions here you gonna ask me or what are we going to do?”

After a minute of awkwardness, including a part when Pop accuses Jared of making up information, he reveals his trademark smirk and that he was just screwing with Jared to prepare for a season full of dumb questions.

You got to give it to Pop for such a great performance and you got to give Jared extra props for handling the interview like a true professional.

If this was a scene from the movie “Inside Out’ I would have loved to have seen Anger and Sadness arguing over who should take control.