Clippers fan Rebecca Grant grabs breasts during Warriors-Clippers Game 7

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Reggie Miller

Grant, a Buffalo native who’s done hosting work for FOX and ESPN2 along with some TV and movie acting, clutched her chest during a tense moment of Saturday’s Game 7, creating a buzz across the web.

Rebecca Grant grabbed the attention of NBA fans — and a little more — at Saturday night’s Clippers game.

During a tense moment in the fourth quarter of L.A.’s emotional Game 7 win over the Warriors, the brunette beauty can be seen nervously playing with her hair before grabbing her breasts with both hands for a quick adjustment during a timeout.

Wearing a low-cut red top and sitting a few rows behind TNT’s Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan, the 45-year-old Buffalo native sparked a bit of a frenzy with her impromptu chest check, which has carried over into Monday.






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