Clutch The Bear scares Rocket players & Francisco Garcia gives Clutch the CP3 Death Stare

I go to a lot of Rockets game and take different people each time.  One of my friends only cares about the stats because he’s bets on every possible bet that can be made in a game including how many rebounds Dwight Howard will end up with.  My other friend just wants to drink beer and check out the Rocket dancers.  My two daughters also love the dancers (for different reasons) but their favorite thing to see at the game is Clutch.  This means I’m not allowed to get up during dead balls, between quarters or half-time because that’s when Clutch appears.

As funny as Clutch is at the games, his off the court videos are funnier and here’s a new one featuring the Rockets mascot scaring some players after practice.  I can’t say I was surprised by any of the reactions but it was nice to see the return of the Francisco Garcia death stare.






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