C’Mon Refs! Derrick Rose Couldn’t Get A Foul In The 4th Quarter

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Derrick Rose

If Rose would have finished this layup then this might have been the play of the night. Unfortunately he couldn’t because he was fouled by Evan Turner – although the refs didn’t see it that way. And the refs didn’t see eye-to-eye with Rose for the entire 4th: Earlier in the quarter, Rose got a rare tech after complaining about another non-call.

“That’s the story of my career,” Said Rose, who didn’t attempt 1 free throw in the game. “Since my MVP year, I always felt like I don’t go to the line the way I’m supposed to, but that’s not my call. It’s up to the referees to make the call. So my job is to continue to keep pushing it, being aggressive.”

Despite the non-calls and no trips to the line, Rose still finished with 18 points (9 of 16, should have been 10 or 11 of 16 shooting) and 7 assists in the Bulls victory over the Celtics. And Rose did get Marcus Smart in the first quarter with a cross and jumper.