CNN confuses Steve Smith for Stephen A. Smith

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Not this lady again. Some of you might recognize CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield as the lady who pissed off the late Joan Rivers in one of her last big interviews, causing the Fashion Police host to leave in the middle of a live broadcast. I’ll understand if you didn’t see the video because the demographic for this site isn’t exactly the same demographic that follows Joan Rivers’ news.

You should be very familiar with Whitfield’s latest victim – Steve Smith, as in ex Atlanta Hawk Steve Smith…not “ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.”

It’s hard to imagine somebody getting the two confused, but not only did she introduce the wrong Smith, CNN even put up a graphic showing Stephen A. Smith while Whitfield spoke to Steve Smith about Bruce Levenson’s “racist” email.

Smith, like many, found the email “unacceptable” but I would like to suggest to everyone who is shouting “racism” to read Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s article in Time called “Bruce Levenson isn’t a racist; He’s a businessman.”

As somebody who spends much of his time with marketing and ad agencies discussing demographics, target markets and diversity campaigns for companies in all industries, I can tell you that many words from Levenson’s email are said and discussed on a daily basis among many companies and I wouldn’t call any of them or the people in the meetings “racist.” Misinformed? Maybe. Racist? Nope.

I’m just not that quick to call people “racist.” If I was, I would probably call the crew at CNN racist for confusing Stephen and Steve as well as this news guy who confused Sam Jackson for Laurence Fishburne.

Source: DimeMag

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