Coach Fizdale Vs The Robot That Is Kawhi Leonard Part 4

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Kawhi Leonard

Nobody has given us better postgame gems in the playoffs than Grizzlies coach David Fizdale. After GM2, he had the now infamous ‘Take That For Data’ rant that cost him a few dollars.

After GM3, he hilariously explained why he thinks Kawhi Leonard is a robot that bleeds antifreeze.

“He was standing next to me the other night, and he wasn’t breathing. He wasn’t breathing, so I’m gonna check the rule book and find out if robots are allowed to play in the NBA because somehow Pop and them have figured out, they know something I don’t know. I think he bleeds like antifreeze or something. This guy, he is special, man.”

And after surviving the robot attack in GM4, Fizdale said he’s taking suggestions on how to stop Kawhi.

“Im taking suggestions on how to guard Kawhi Leonard ‘cause I’ve tried everything and the guy is just, he’s tough. Man, is he a superstar.” Said Fizdale after watching Kawhi score a playoff career-high 43 points with eight boards, seven threes, six steals, and three assists.