Coach LeBron James Gives Motivational Speech To Bronny & His Teammates

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If you need a break from LaVar Ball’s sideline antics as he coaches his son, LaMelo, and his Big Ballers teammates, you might enjoy this video of cool and calm LeBron James giving his 12-year old son, Bronny, and his North Coast Blue Chips teammates a motivational speech during an Adidas AAU tournament in Las Vegas this past weekend.

“Obviously I come around and watch from afar but y’all gotta understand that we come to a tournament, when y’all come to a tournament – everybody want to see y’all lose. Y’all don’t see that? Every time we do something good, it’s just us clapping for each other. Any time another team that we go against, the whole goddamn crowd is going crazy. They want to see us lose. They want too see us lose. So we got to approach it like every time we go out to play, we gotta play for one another and nobody else. So we can’t have careless turnovers, can’t be out there lollygagging. I don’t care, like I told you, I don’t care if they can dunk, I don’t care if they fucking jump over the rim. Y’all in the game the whole game and y’all just let it slip away. They didn’t take the game; it wasn’t them. It was y’all. We gotta know every game we go out here they want to see us lose. Alright?”

And here’s a few videos of LeBron Jr and Sr in action at the tournament.