Coach Mark Jackson beats Stephen Curry in a 3pt shooting contest

Players in this post:
Steph Curry Mark Jackson

For being arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history, Stephen Curry sure loses a lot of shooting contests. It’s one thing to lose in the NBA 3-point contest. It’s another to lose to your Dad (who also belongs on that list of greatest shooters in NBA history), but it’s another to lose to your coach, especially if he’s Mark Jackson; The most 3 pointers Action Jackson ever made in a season was 89, when he averaged 1.1 threes a game.

Call the win for Jackson a little payback for last month, when Steph Curry dunked on him.

Then again, Mark Jackson was always known for surprises. Besides being one of the flashiest passers and playmakers in NBA history, he would occasionally surprise you with a self alley-oop dunk.


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