Coach Popovich Replaces Retired Tim Duncan With Rapper Cam'Ron

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Tim Duncan

I know it's been hard on Coach Pop since Duncan retired but we might have to worry about his new friends.

Obviously I'm joking and so was rapper Cam'ron when he said was offered a 10-day contract with the Spurs but what you might not know is Cam'ron had game. Back when he was Killa Kam in 1994, he was a top 25 All-American high school basketball player (according to Cam in this ESPN interview) and the youngest to ever win a Rucker Park championship (also according to Cam).

He was also a basketball teammate of rapper Mase (back then known as Murda Mase), before they formed the little known but awesome supergroup Children of the Corn with McGruff and the late great Big L, and long before Mase became Puff Daddy’s teammate.

If you want to read more about Cam'Ron's basketball days, click here to read a great article on SlamOnline.