A Very Angry Coach Popovich Rips Zaza Pachulia: Who Gives A Damn About His Intent? Ever Hear Of Manslaughter?

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The (very large) “I Hate Zaza Pachulia” community and “I Love Kawhi” one went off on social media. Spurs fan Skip Bayless went on a 17-minute rant about the center. I dug up just about every Zaza trip, kick, elbow and “unintentional” flagrant I could find. And we were all being nice compared to what Coach Popovich had to say this morning about the Warriors center and his “intentions” after injuring Kawhi Leonard, who will be out for Game 2.

“Who gives a damn what his intent was. You ever hear of manslaughter? You still go to jail. I think when you’re texting and end up killing somebody, but you might not have intended to do that.”

Here’s what David West had to say when asked about Pop’s “go ask David West” comment.

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And shockingly, Draymond didn’t have much to say about the incident.

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