Spoelstra Goes Off On Refs For Ejecting Goran Dragic For His Scuffle With Jordan Clarkson

Did Jordan Clarkson actually square up like an old-time boxer and then get massaged by Tarik Black as if Black was a trainer ?

Midway through the 3rd quarter of the Lakers 27-point win over the Heat, Jordan Clarkson and Gordan Dragic were both ejected for a scuffle. Dragic reportedly left without speaking about the ejection with reporters but his Coach had plenty to say about the “shameful” decision by the refs.

“That’s really shameful, disgraceful that Goran Dragic got thrown out of that game,” Spoelstra said. “It’s an elbow to the face, somebody that wants to fight, knocks him down on the ground, and it’s just a bail-out, shameful, disgraceful ejection.”

There’s no way he should be thrown out of that situation for just taking an elbow to the face, getting up, not even necessarily defending himself, just getting up. But at that point, it’s an eight-point game, and we pretty much just let it go from there.

“Who knows? Who cares? We’ll probably have a report tomorrow. Whatever. I mean, you can look at it over and over and over. He’s just taking a two-handed shove, an elbow to the chin, and he gets ejected for that. None of us get it. None of us understand it, and I could care less about hearing any kind of explanation about it tomorrow.”

Lakers Coach Luke Walton didn’t think either should have been ejected because it wasn’t “that big of a deal” and said we should just “keep the game moving, let’s go.”

Clarkson also downplayed the altercation and is hoping he doesn’t get a suspension for his action.

Another amusing thing about the scuffle was how the teammates of the players reacted to the ejection. The Lakers, including Metta World Peace and Nick Young, laughed and hugged Clarkson as he left; Dragic got quick high-five from one of his teammates.