Commentator Says “Turning Back The Clocks” After 29 Year Old Marvin Williams Dunked On Carl Landry

The dunk by Marvin Williams was good but the bench reaction, especially by a swimming Jeremy Lin, was better. My issue is with the reaction of the commentator, who said “turning back the hands of time.”

As annoying as it is, I get it when people say “turning back the hands of time” when high flying legends in their late 30s, like Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter, dunk on somebody. But 29 year old Marvin Williams? It’s kind of sad to say a guy in his 20s is turning back the hands of time.

Anyways, for those who don’t remember poster making Marvin, let’s turn back those hands and look at some of his best dunks – starting with his memorable poster on Josh Smith during the 2004 EA Sports Roundball Classic.