Connell High School | Refs Support the Biggest Piece of Sh!t in Basketball

Highland vs Connell Game: 12/22/11

I’ve been doing a lot complaining about refs in the past few weeks about the growing trend of players getting offensive fouls, techs and ejections because of dunks and post-dunk “celebrations.” But this video has me ready to organize a lynch mob for the men in black and white stripes and the candidate for the show “The Biggest Loser” if it was about fat people that are losers not fat people trying to make themselves a better person.

When I first saw a link to this video, I thought it was going to be some hard fouls that probably should have been called flagrants. I clicked on it and then watched in disbelief. All I could of was how are the refs not calling this kid for flagrant fouls, why is the coach letting this kid play this way and why is the other team not going Ron Artest & SJax on him and his teammates? Actually, forget the teammates, what about the parents. It seems to be the duty of many parents who try to live out their dreams through their kids to lose their cool and get into fights with other parents, coaches, refs, janitors and anyone that does anything negative towards their child. So why were these parents sitting calm like they were watching a high school chess match? I just don’t know!

I also don’t want to pull out the race card (or even a class card) but we all know this type of behavior would not have been tolerated at most other schools.

Update: The video went viral and was discussed on CNN and ESPN radio (2:50 mark).

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