Cook it and Book it Podcast Episode 8: NBA Playoffs and WNBA bets!

Tune into Episode 8 of the Cook it and Book it Podcast, sponsored by Ballislife, as hosts Sara Jane Gamelli and Looch start things off by sharing their top NBA Playoff bets! They then give their best WNBA picks for the weekend, and dive into the NHL playoffs. Get ready for some sizzling betting insights from both hosts!

(0:00-18:00): In the opening segment, Sara Jane and Looch are welcomed back after a few weeks off. In episode 8 of Cook it and Book it, they break down their best NBA Playoffs bets and futures predictions.

(18:00-24:00) In the next segment, Sara Jane and Looch discuss the WNBA, and the desire for sportsbooks to include more options for betting on women's basketball.

(25:00-28:00) In this next segment, Looch gives his favorite WNBA bets.

(28:00-31:00) Sara Jane gives her best WNBA picks and bets for Kia Nurse.

(31:00-33:45) Looch breaks down his Kia Nurse and Darnell Nurse combo bets for WNBA and NHL.

(36:45-44:45) SJ gives her additional WNBA props and breaks down props dot cash.

(44:45-52:32): Looch breaks down his best NHL playoff bets

Photo by Jineen Williams/Ballislife

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