Cory Joseph Has Underrated Handles, Makes Brandon Jennings His Latest “BR” Victim

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Brandon Jennings

First off, I have to give a shout out to Brandon Jennings. He’s had a few impressive games in the past month since returning from his season-ending Achilles injury.  On Saturday, he scored 22 off the bench in just 22 minutes and also had a few nice steals against the Raptors.  But he didn’t have much luck guarding this sick spin move by Cory “Underrated Handles” Joseph.

At least Jennings didn’t end up on the floor like Bradley Beal did earlier in the season (yeah, yeah, Gortat’s shoe).

And to back up the statement that Joseph has one of the most underrated handles in the league, here’s a few more examples of him doing some ankle damage.

Hold up, what’s up with Cory breaking ankles of “Br” guys: Bradley, Brian and 2 Brandons.