Crazylight Boost Primeknit NBA Playoff Edition Shoes

Players in this post:
Andrew Wiggins

These were first worn by Andrew Wiggins during All-Star weekend back in Feb. It seems like those designers who switched sides from Nike last year are definitely having a say on the adidas shoe design and concept. These Primeknits have an eerie similarity to the flyknits by nike. I like em regardless as it seems like the new trend for adidas has been to ditch the giant side logos and instead make use of the shoe for maximum design space. Basically, they are letting the shoe do the talking.

Price: $140

Release Date: July 1, 2015

Selling Point: Since it’s the crazylight edition, these shoes are only 12.2 ounces but also contain boost for that added heel support

Crazylight-2015-Boost-Group-Shot-H Crazylight-Boost-2015-Bright-Cyan-Detail-1-H-(S85577) Crazylight-Boost-2015-Bright-Cyan-H(S85577) Crazylight-Boost-2015-Solar-Yellow-Detail-1-H-(S84954) Crazylight-Boost-2015-Solar-Yellow-H-(S84954) Crazylight-Boost-2015-Vivid-Red-Detail-1-H-(D69508) Crazylight-Boost-2015-Vivid-Red-H-(D69508)