Create Your All-Time Lakers Starting Line-Up


Poor Smush Parker. Most people will only remember him as being “the worst” teammate Kobe Bryant ever had.  Kobe even said Smush “shouldn’t have been in the NBA but (the Lakers) were too cheap to pay for a point guard.”

Well, if Kobe is interested in playing the LakersNation Create Your All-Time Lakers Starting Line-up Challenge, he wont have to pay a penny for Smush because he’s FREE!  He can also have Kwame Brown back for just 1 penny.

During that same interview back in 2012, Kobe said he “almost won an MVP with Smush and Kwame Brown” so now he can have them back and still have $17.99 to pick 3 others in this challenge. I’m assuming he will pick himself so that leaves him with $12.99 which is enough to get him Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher and just about any other player he wants.  I’m assuming he will pass on Shaq and Kareem so it looks like Wilt will be his center  pick. Well, actually I don’t see him sharing the ball with Wilt so I think he will probably pick up Gasol.

If you haven’t played the original $15 All-Time Starting line-up challenge then click here to do so.


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