Cynthia Cooper Tribute

When you think of GOATs, champions, scoring streaks and dynasty teams in basketball, one name that deserves to always be brought up is Cynthia Cooper.  The 2x NCAA champion and gold medalist led the Houston Comets to 4 straight WNBA championships in the league’s first four years of existence and she won the Finals MVP all 4 of those years.  She was also the scoring leader for the first 3 and the league’s MVP for the first 2….she was also 34 years old when the WNBA made it’s debut.

In 2009, Cooper was inducted into the WNBA hall of fame and a year later she was inducted into the Basketball hall of fame so her name could sit right next to all of the male GOATs, champions, scoring champs and members of dynasty teams of the past that people usually talk about.



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