D-League team wins despite 2 players getting ejected – for fighting each other!

The Iowa Energy pulled off a 4-point win against the Rio Grande Valley Vipers last night despite losing two of their players in the 3rd quarter due to a fight…with each other!

Teammates Jarnell Stokes and Kalin Lucas actually got into a fist fight during a time-out. We don’t know what started it yet but it’s the D-League where everybody gets to shoot and score. 124-120 final score actually seems low compared to a lot of the games that go down in the league. On Saturday, Reno beat LA 155-147 and last week Reno lost to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers 153-160! Like I said, there’s plenty of shots to go around.

Lucas left the game with 18 points, 5 boards and 5 assists while Stokes had 16 points and 8 rebounds. If Stokes sounds familiar it’s because he played with the Grizzlies earlier in the season.

Hearing about this story reminded me of when ex-NBA player Renaldo Balkman choked one of his own teammates during a game.

I think the closest thing to teammates fighting in the NBA is LeBron blowing up at Chalmers.