Da Funny Sports Analyst: Miles Bridges Doesn’t Dunk Like A High School Kid

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Miles Bridges

“Momma probably held him back 3 times.”

That’s Famouslos32 aka “Da Funny Sports Analyst” talking about Michigan State signee Miles Bridges after watching one of his many, many, many posters during his high school career.

We have had the pleasure of watching Miles put a lot of defenders on posters over his 7 year (just kidding!) high school career but what impresses me the most about the next great NBA dunker is how he never gets tired from dunking.

During last month’s Ballislife All-American weekend, I watched this guy do an hour of show dunks before an hour of practice (more dunks) and then watched him go head-to-head with pro dunkers for about 30 more minutes. Then on game day, he wowed the crowd with a bunch of dunks during the pre-game shootaround, participated in the BIL dunk contest and then threw down about 7, 8…I lost count dunks in the game. I also lost track of him after the game but wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me he was dunking during the post game interviews.