Dahntay Jones bumps Draymond Green during interview, Green says “If he gets suspended Clips may not even notice.”

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Draymond Green

“I think clearly Draymond Green is the Defensive Player of the Year,” Coach Steve Kerr said before the game, “He can coach the team, too.”

Besides playing great D, the Clipper killer scored a team-high 23 points during Sunday’s 8 point win over LA. It was a performance worthy of Kerr’s praise although not everyone was so thrilled about it.  During Green’s post-game interview with Lisa Salters, Jones came from behind and bumped him which created an awkward moment as Green was contemplating whether or not he should say or do anything about the bump.

Green later mocked Jones during a media interview by reminding Jones that he doesn’t play.

“It kind of caught me by surprise,” Green said. “I was just kind of curious. Did he do it on purpose or not? Then I saw the replay, where he looked at me, started talking, then looked at me again out of the corner of his eye and walked right into me.

“I think he wanted a reaction from me. But he don’t play. Me getting suspended, and him getting suspended, . . . it’s different.

“If he gets suspended they may not even notice.”